Wednesday, May 6, 2009

10th Anniversary of BreastFest

Since this October marks the 10th anniversary of BreastFest, the Tyanna Foundation would like to remind everyone of what this event means. Everyone knows someone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Whether it affects a mother, a sister, a friend, a daughter we all know someone who has experienced the uncertainty and fear that comes with a diagnosis. The Tyanna Foundation’s BreastFest of Baltimore is a once yearly reminder of the great things in life. It is a time to celebrate with the people we love, and the friends that we don’t yet know. BreastFest is a day to enjoy the company of others, while working together to help one another. So, what can we do together? We can spend the day celebrating those that we love the most, while helping to purchase a Digital Mammography Machine, which can help to aid in early detection and omits less radiation than Film Mammography Imaging.

What is the Tyanna Foundation?

In 1990 Tyanna Barre O’Brien lost her battle with breast cancer, leaving behind five daughters. In honor of their mother, these women created the Tyanna Foundation, in order to help the many people affected by breast cancer. The Tyanna Foundation is a 100% volunteer organization, and 90% of all funds raised in each state stay in that state to support local breast cancer efforts. The remaining 10% stays in the Foundation and will one day be used for things like endowments, scholarships and research. The Tyanna Foundation’s flagship event is Breastfest, and all proceeds collected from the event are donated to the Hoffberger Breast Center. So, what can we do together? Help to raise money to fight this deadly disease.